Managed Services for Bespoke Use Cases


Service Internationalization has three components, app, website and marketing
Service Internationalization has three components, app, website and marketing

Benefits Of A Managed Service

Video Translator provides managed services to assist clients to localize/internationalize their value proposition.

We offer a managed service aimed at meeting custom requirements.

Shallow Use Cases

The majority of governments, non-profits and businesses have what we think of as shallow use cases. That is, they require translation services as an adjunct to their core concerns. The requirement might be one-off/event driven, a very specific but relatively small requirement, or have legislative/regulatory drivers.

So the requirement exists, but there is no reason to rebuild operations to offer multilingual support. A very common use case is one-off requirements for translation, say to support a pitch to a client who is overseas. Post pitch, this is often reused in a multilingual website for the SEO benefits. Read a case study.

Part Of A Larger Process

Everyone understands the inherent power of language. If you can successfully move your service into another language - show me the money!

But how to do this right? Its expensive, complex and has an uncertain ROI.

A number of our clients use our managed services as a stop gap while they build out the in-house capability for the ongoing production of translated content.

Outside Core Competence

The core of our value proposition is ROI. As in, for content spend of X, spend an additional small amount and now your content is multilingual.

A number of innovative firms want to spend their time focused on their own value proposition, and do not want to build up a multilingual team. In this case, we offer bespoke solutions ranging from the Internationalization of apps, research into keywords in different languages and market research around language sensitivities.


Challenges around service localization and internationalization
Challenges around service localization and internationalization

Challenges Around Service Localization And Internationalization

While localization and internationalization initiatives generally have executive backing, bringing the entire team along - development, marketing and sales - is required to execute successfully.

So the question becomes, what small / low cost steps can you take to start the project, and how to show a positive ROI every step of the way.

Q: Where do we start? We have several websites, some apps and our billing is on two systems!

We would recommend starting with a few short video’s. You will be required to provide the video, any background music and select the languages you want to target.

Why? Because the hard thing about service delivery in other languages is bringing your team along.

How do you get from only English all the way to an translated value proposition. Book a call today!

Q: My development team is too busy and does not have the bandwidth for another project!

We understand.

The key thing to remember is the majority of your value proposition does not have to be translated.

The parts that bring in new business, those HAVE TO BE translated.

We are here to help. Book a call today!


We can advise you on website translation to maximise SEO
We can advise you on website translation to maximise SEO

Exotic Languages

Multiple languages are hard to work with operationally. We take the view that the smart way to do this is to try a number of different options.

Give your sales people and marketing staff something to work with!

Source: Think with Google, YouTube Internal Data, U.S., March 2019–May 2019
Source: Think with Google, YouTube Internal Data, U.S., March 2019–May 2019

Lets say that your business has sales people in English only. How would you create Spanish collateral? We are essentially doing the same thing just with video.

As you have outsourced the heavy lifting, this collateral can be provided to a Spanish speaking colleague to work with directly. But more importantly, once deployed online provides an ongoing set of leads from the Spanish SEO.

But Spanish is not exotic? Exactly, irrespective of the target culture, there is no way to work out how much demand your product has unless you try the market. Our value proposition is that you can now try a very large number of potential markets with a very low starting cost.

Talk to us to learn more about our capabilities in unusual languages.


Regulatory drivers are quite important for a large number of our clients. In Australia for example, there is a focus on providing options for sight and hearing impaired people.

A standard solution here is to use open captions. This covers the disability use cases, providing support to older people, and is also related to people who prefer open captions.

An added benefit of open captions is the providing a simple way to deploy content into social media channels (like LinkedIn or Facebook) where video content auto-plays but is muted.


  • Use our experts to quickly evaluate a non-English prospect market. Who are the players, who is the competition?
  • Build out a micro-site in the target language, limiting your offering to known opportunities. If it works, then spend the money setting up a local presence.
  • Reuse your prior/current investment in content, by scaling across languages. This includes text, image, audio or video content.
  • Use capabilities like multi-lingual forms to manage complex workflow.