Managed Services for Bespoke Use Cases


Video Translator provides a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) application to deliver real time Artificial Intelligence (AI) transcription and translation to clients. Using this application clients are able to:

  • Upload their text, image, audio and video content into the application.
  • Use an AI to transcribe their audio or video content into a number of languages.
  • Use an AI to translate text content, allowing for caption translation.
  • Use an AI to speak out text content, allowing for full video translation.
  • Manually translate up to 180+ scripts, using the transliteration functionality.

There are two primary solutions described below, a retail offering, and an enterprise offering. Additionally, we also offer a managed service aimed at meeting bespoke requirements.


  • Reach New Markets - Using the Video Translator platform, turn your content into different languages. This means you are able to target brand new markets. For a commercial enterprises, the value addition is top line growth.
  • Increased Efficiency - Use AI to increase the stretch your marketing budget. Real time AI makes massive increases in efficiency possible. This means reductions in laborious work for your staff. The workflow is to use the AI to do the heavy lifting, and then use your own staff to do higher value tasks.
  • Increase Awareness - Easily reach stakeholders who do not understand English. Specific to social enterprises, reach no/low exposure stakeholders with targeted campaigns designed to meet your specific objectives.
  • Accessibility - Easily reach clients with sight/hearing impairments using either the Speech-To-Text AI or the Text-To-Speech AI, all in your preferred language.

The managed service offering uses our capabilities in a bespoke fashion. We configure our platform to meet your specific requirements and provide the manpower to execute.


  • We provide strategic consulting and research in languages other than English. Investigate options specific to a number of search engines, and find clients in places that your own staff may not think to look.

  • Use Case: Looking to introduce your value proposition to a new market? Get us to do the research, and provide options for low cost entry. Essentially, evaluate offering a subset of your value proposition without the cost of assembling an entire business in a promising but distant market.


  • We provide software development capability in languages other than English. Practically, this means (i) advising on application internationalisation and localisation, and/or (ii) advising on multi site deployments for established properties.

  • Use Case: You have a big popular website in English. What happens if you want it in another language? We help clients build micro-sites (essentially a heavily modified subset of your current website functionality), and scale them into different languages (SEO to target search engines in different languages).


  • We provide targeting options for social media assets. Current capabilities include YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

  • Use Case: You have video content. We take ownership of transcription and translation, but also add in extra translation for titles, descriptions and other meta data into the target language. The end result, a prospect running a search query in a different language can find your content.


  • In addition to the AI transcription and translation, clients can ask us to manage relationships with subject matter experts with the requisite language skill set. We take ownership of the full translation life cycle, including negative workflow.

  • Use Case: Assume a workflow which goes, (i) AI transcription and translation, (ii) human subject matter expert validation, (iii) human brand owner validation, (iv) publication. Now scale that by 5 languages - we manage the multi-lingual flow.


  • Use our experts to quickly evaluate a non-English prospect market. Who are the players, who is the competition?
  • Build out a micro-site in the target language, limiting your offering to known opportunities. If it works, then spend the money setting up a local presence.
  • Reuse your prior/current investment in content, by scaling across languages. This includes text, image, audio or video content.
  • Use capabilities like multi-lingual forms to manage complex workflow. Audit every interaction and iterate.