Monthly Base Fee + Usage Charges


Video Translator uses a Business to Customer (B2C) subscription plan loosely modelled on a mobile phone contract.

In brief, (i) per language-month base fee, and (ii) on-demand usage fee.

The base fee is $10/language-month, and a pay as you go usage fee when you use an Artificial Intelligence (AI). Once you run out of the first $10 of your subscription, you can top up.

* At the end of every month, your unused credits will expire.
* At the start of every month, your account will be credited with additional credits according to your subscription.

For a visual guides, please have a look at the here.


Fees are charged according to a Subscription Model.

  1. A subscription (Fee) is charged by Video Translator to the Client per month in advance based on the number of different languages nominated by Client;
  2. An Additional Fee is calculated which is based upon the use of Third Party Tools for a specific Client Video.
  3. A Client’s account must hold sufficient credit for Services requested. If insufficient credit is held in Client’s account, Video Translator reserves the right to charge Client’s account in a subsequent month to make up the shortfall and Client consents to this.

The Fee is expressed as exclusive of GST. Where required by law, GST is added to the Fee. Fees will be clearly described in the Order Form.


The base fee is a per language-month fee of $10. As an example, if you required to use the platform for 4 languages, this would be a base fee of $40/month. For a full list of languages, and a description of how to use the different AI's, please click here.


The usage fee mechanic is dependent on which AI you are looking to deploy for your project. We will charge you $10 upfront, this is now your available credit. All pricing below is in USD.

Transcription (Artificial Intelligence)

* 15 USD cents per minute

Translation (Artificial Intelligence)

* 15 USD cents per minute

Transliteration (Natural Language Programming)

* Text To Text - Free

What is transliteration? See more details here.


While every effort has been made to ensure this information is correct/up to date, sometimes typo's happen or information goes out of date. Should you have any questions/concerns, please contact us via web form, or send us an email at