2020: May You Live In Interesting Times

Year In Review 2020

Happy New Year

2020 is over. Thankfully.

This might be tempting the fates just a bit, but really, 2021 has got to be better right!

Jokes aside, the big learning from 2020 was to be more grateful. The strength shown by people worldwide was extraordinary, and we could not be more grateful for the kindness of strangers, friends, and family in what was a difficult time.

To our clients - thank you! You guys are amazing!

How We Did On Engagement

We did alright.

Sorta, kinda. Would have been nicer to make more money though.

Clicks From Google Search Console

Engagement From Google Analytics

Where Did Our Customers Come From?

How Many Sign Ups Did We Get?

The conversion goals code was a bit dodgy at the start of the year. Also for context, our Alexa Rank was 870,350.

General Plans For 2021

Lots of exciting things are in the works for 2021. In no particular order, we plan to:

  • Setup a forum for our clients. The help / tutorials are frequently out of date, because so much of the app is still in active development.
  • Restart email marketing. Due to Covid-19, and part of the team being in lock-down and/or quarantine, we gave up on email marketing. The engagement was pretty poor, but this could have been because we were not adding value. We’d like to give this another shot.
  • Move help over to being video based, as opposed to text. We think this will help keep our help content up to date, but we need to work out a nice way to do this.
  • We are working on a super secret project, which may or may not involve launching a multilingual web series in 2021. Stay tuned for more…

Tech Plans For 2021

  • We are looking to add a number of languages. Some have already been added, keep on the lookout for the news item describing this!
  • The UI is getting a pretty comprehensive overhaul - this is happening at the moment.
  • We’d be keen to launch a mobile version by the end of 2021.
  • Large number of Quality-Of-Life (QOL) additions are slated for Feb/March. Let us know if there is something you really care about!

People News

  • Renee Dube s moving on, mostly because she is going back to being a full time mum - congratulations Renee!
  • We have a new social media person joining in the new year - stay tuned for more…
  • Pranay Shah moved on mid last year - the middle of the year was pretty hard due to Covid-19. Thank you Pranay for all your work, and best of luck with everything you do going forward.
  • Two new developers have started / are starting early this year. Looking forward to introducing them to all our clients during the course of 2021!

For Our Clients

You guys (and gals!) are brilliant - thank you so much for your support over what has been a very challenging year.

Thank you so much for your patronage, your kind words, and putting up with it when our tech had problems - we would not be anywhere without you. You are champions and totally awesome.

God bless you all and thank you very much!

Tathagat Banerjee