The Weekly Roundup 21/01/20

Where are we heading with AI computing in the 2020s? And how human can they really become?

We now well and truly know that Artificial Intelligence is here to stay (and in fact has been for quite some time), but what will become of it, and us, in the future? One author has some very interesting thoughts on how AI computing will reach beyond just recognising how to act like a human but rather see the world the way we do and have a form of common sense. Also in a win for sign language, a lovely little clip of Prince William signing to an MBE recipient will warm your heart if the thought of AI having common sense is almost too much for you to bear.

AI computing will enter the ’land of humans’ in the 2020s: The promise and the peril

Will we know when we're dealing with AI in the future?
Will we know when we're dealing with AI in the future?

A great read for anyone who is questioning the pros and cons of sharing the world with AI computing. Author, Subbarao Kambhampati writes, “Of course, to get computers to go beyond recognition and see the world the way we do, we still have some hard AI problems to solve — including giving computers the “common sense” that we humans share, and the ability to model the mental states of those humans who are in the loop. The current pace of progress makes me optimistic that we will make important breakthroughs on these problems within this decade.” Which is an exciting and daunting prospect in itself.

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Prince William Expertly Signs ‘Congratulations’ to Deaf Award Recipient

Prince William repping BSL
Prince William repping BSL

This heartwarming video shows Prince William use British Sign Language to congratulate " TV personality and deaf translator Alex Duguid" for receiving an MBE for his service to the deaf community. Duguid, has been a popular mainstay on British television for over 30 years. Kensington Palace’s Instagram posted the video, saying “He is an example of how profoundly deaf people can have an impact on their community, their peers and their country…He is passionate about BSL and the need to promote and protect it.”

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