What Team VideoTranslator Did In 2021

The plan was to get this news item out prior to the end of the 2021. Unfortunately that did not work out.

So… Happy New Year. Ok - we will do another post saying Happy New Year and listing out what we are looking forward to in 2022. But for the moment, we want to talk about 2021.

Thankfully, that’s a wrap on 2021!

2021 was a bit of a hard year for Team VideoTranslator. We still made a lot of progress, and there is a lot of gratitude on this side for all the kind people who helped us out.

The biggest challenge was the external environment. From lock-downs to Covid-19 drama, to sudden shut-downs of our premises because of close-contacts, it was a bit of a horror year.

The hardest part was probably the mental toll on people who had to keep working through this period. Huge thanks and a lot of gratitude to the folks in Team VideoTranslator, who worked hard and kept their cool during this period.

We were relatively lucky to get through the process without too many issues, and our hearts go out to those people who did not have an option to work from home or were helping close friends or family who might have had issues with the disease.

Bless you all and thank you so much to all the people who pitched in to get others through this trying time.

What Team VideoTranslator Accomplished For Clients In 2021

In no particular order, we did the accomplished the following on the behalf of our clients we did:

  1. Built out an entire client profile, including branding, website, and associated social media profile.
  2. Worked to build a strategy from inception, tech stack, marketing and then ending the project out with a sales and fundraising strategy.
  3. Worked to build a strategy around interfacing with a number of different stakeholders across the space ecosystem, including universities, state and federal governments, and non-profit and trade organisations.

For the above, we had a fantastic outcome but are currently unable to talk too much about it. We’ll definitely let you know when we can!

What Team VideoTranslator Accomplished For Ourselves in 2021

If you are not aware, Team VT does a couple of things, as we bring our core app/value proposition to the market.

So a decent question is, we got good results for our clients (well, we see this as a baseline requirement) but what are the outcomes we got to internally?

  1. Two new hires for starters. James Wilson and Shubhada Paranjape joined us over the course of 2021. We are very happy to have them both around and think they will help make big things happen for the entire team. Welcome :)
  2. James is going to lead the development of the Next Gen version of our core application - we’ll do a deeper dive in a future blog post - ad we are really excited to have him in play.
  3. Shubhada is helping us get our development cycle in gear, and her work is primarily around the new version of our VideoTranslator app.
  4. We moved into a new office, just a little place in the Sydney suburb of Glebe - at the old Valhalla Theater. It’s very cool! Image courtesy of this blog.


Of course, there were a few things that we hoped to accomplish in 2021 which did not happen. One thing we were hoping to do but were unable to execute on was to put out a good forum for our users.

The majority of our support efforts are clients directly reaching out to us, and we were hoping to streamline these efforts. It’s now on the to-do list for 2022, along with a few other items which we need to think through a bit better.

All things being equal it was a pretty decent year, in that it could have been much worse, and compared to a lot of other businesses, we feel pretty fortunate.