What Languages Are Available?

What Languages Are Available?

We look at the number of languages which you can use with your content. Remember, each languages is potentially a new market, and care needs to be taken to properly target your preferred leads.

There are two kinds of transcription, the first is Speech-To-Text Transcription, the second is a Text-To-Speech Transcription. In both cases, speech is involved, hence these are referred to as transcription AI’s. Similarly, with translation, what we are actually using is a Text-To-Text Translation AI.

You should also know, that technically transcription is the mapping of sounds of one language into another. However, in common parlance, especially when talking in the context of using AI’s, it means using the sounds to get the AI to work out the words.

Transliteration is a little bit different, and does not use an AI. We simply use a mapping to achieve the desired result, and as the mapping can be phonetic, it requires a human to make sure it is done correctly.


From Wikipedia, transcription in the linguistic sense is the systematic representation of language in written form. The source can either be utterances (speech or sign language) or pre-existing text in another writing system.


The following languages are available within the Speech-To-Text AI. The context here is, (i) upload video, (ii) trigger transcription, (iii) select dialect as required, and the transcription AI will do the rest.

Select a dialect to transcribe a French video
Select a dialect to transcribe a French video

Please remember to check the captions (play the video) and make corrections are required. The rule of thumb here is, use the AI to do the heavy lifting, and get a (human) subject matter expert to check the results for your subject matter’s (i.e. your industry) specific acronyms/words.

  • Please note, we are working on adding additional AI’s for languages not currently covered. If you require a specific language, or your firm wants to plug a custom AI into our platform, please reach out.
  • Additionally, each language can have several dialects - Spanish for example has 20 dialects - please ensure you select the appropriate dialect.


The following languages are available within the Text-To-Speech AI. The context here is, (i) add audio, (ii) add the *.srt or simply the text, (iii) trigger the transcribe.

  • Please note, additional voices are available, but use a less advanced AI (i.e. the synthetic voices feel more robotic). Please contact us for more information.


The following languages are available within the Text-To-Text AI. The context here is, (i) upload content, (ii) trigger translation, (iii) select dialect as required, and the translation AI will do the rest. Below, the Automatic is the AI, while Human 1 is a in-house or external resource.

Select a language to translate a French video
Select a language to translate a French video

Again, it should be stressed, the underlying AI is only as good as its training. Depending on the information complexity of your content (i.e. legal, medical, or just complicated) it is highly recommended you use the AI to do the heavy lifting, and get a subject matter expert (i.e. a professional translator) to check the results.

In practise, it is likely to be a far more effective use of the translators time, allowing them to focus on the high value content, and be less involved in the simple translations.

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Transliteration is a type of conversion of a text from one script to another that involves swapping letters in predictable ways. In the platform, this is done using a phonetic mapping.

Generally speaking, your subscription will provide capacity for all the required languages. The below is an image of a textbox with three language options, English, German and Hindi.

Text: What is your name?
Text: What is your name?

Now, we are going to do the same in Hindi, first we change the language, and then select the phonetic option (फोनेटिक), and then type out tumhaara naam kya he? in the English language keyboard to get below.

Text: तुमहारा नाम कया हे?
Text: तुमहारा नाम कया हे?

This is an implementation of the work done at the Wikimedia foundation. Please contact us if you have any questions around this implementation, or for corrections.


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