Welcome to Video Translator

Welcome to Video Translator

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Welcome to the Video Translator. We are a Sydney based, media focused technology platform provider, looking to make the world a more accessible place. Our primary value proposition is a translation platform, with a focus on video translation.

Video Translator’s translation platform (“the application”) is an Internet-enabled SaaS (Software as a Service) platform which assists content creators (“the client”) to engage with stakeholders (“the audience”) from different linguistic backgrounds. The application is used to convert hypermedia content from one language to another, using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted process.

Use Cases

  • Who: The application is aimed at content creation and marketing teams, specifically those looking to reach an audience that thinks, communicates and consumes content in multiple languages.

  • What: The application allows the creation, transcription, translation and publication of different types of hypermedia, including audio, image, video, and text based, into multiple languages, at scale.

  • Where: The application is designed to be accessed over an Internet browser, with limited mobile support.

  • When: The application is designed to be used within an ongoing content creation/marketing process, on a volume basis. This is reflected in the pricing model structure, (a) monthly per language infrastructure cost, and (b) volume weighted content cost.

  • How: The application is designed to break down the content translation process into a step wise work flow, with the ability to use scoped AI’s through the process.


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We are very grateful for your support!

Should you have any questions, or just want to drop us a note saying hello, please feel free to send us an email at hello@videotranslator.ai.