We Just Launched And We Need Luck

We Just Launched And We Need Luck

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For the last 2 years or so, we have been working on a new platform which we think will be super useful for content creators. This includes marketers for exporters, tourism concerns, media shops and everyday folks looking to build brands and businesses using tools like YouTube and LinkedIn.

Just for some background, we are a tiny software company, and think of ourselves as basically an independent studio, trying to craft the best tools we can. How tiny? Two and half men tiny. No, literally.

If you give our platform a shot, and think it is useful, do let us know. Most of this work was made possible by us digging deep, behind which was mostly normal folk being super engaged with our ideas and giving us heaps of encouragement.

Video Translator’s translation platform (“the application”) is an Internet-enabled SaaS (Software as a Service) platform which assists content creators (“the client”) to engage with stakeholders (“the audience”) from different linguistic backgrounds. The application is used to convert hypermedia content from one language to another, using an Artificial Intelligence (AI).


We are super excited that we finally have our platform out there. The platform does only one thing really, and that is it uses AI in a sequence, to translate audio and video content. Effectively:

  • Upload your audio/video content.
  • Use a Speech-To-Text AI to transcribe the content.
  • Use a Text-To-Text AI to translate the content.
  • Use a Text-To-Speech AI to speak the content out in the target language.

Each of these AI’s can be used independently, or in a chain. The thinking behind this is optionality (the quality or state in which choice or discretion is allowed).

We do not know exactly what sequence each of these steps should be used in, for any specific use case. We want users to have the choice in how this could work.

  • Do you want to use the Speech-To-Text AI only, just in English because your content is destined for a LinkedIn profile?
  • Do you want to use the Text-To-Text AI only, because you have stakeholders who are trying to do a survey in several languages [the use case for multi lingual forms]?
  • Maybe you are a social enterprise, looking to raise awareness in a rural area where people are not very educated or computer literate?

Let us know how you choose to use our product - we would be very excited to learn about the various use cases!

We would be very grateful if you tried out product, and let us know what you think!


Please connect with us on LinkedIn, YouTube or Facebook for any comments, questions, or just to keep up to date with the work we do!

We are very grateful for your support!

You should try our product! And then let us know what we can do better! Feedback or Questions? We’d love to hear from you. Do let us know at hello@videotranslator.ai.