We Have An Explainer Video

We Have An Explainer Video

> We Have An Explainer Video Tat Banerjee [February 06, 2020]

We are a Sydney based, media focused technology platform provider, looking to make the world a more accessible place. Our primary value proposition is a transcription and translation platform, with a focus on audio and video content.

Video Translator's translation platform (“the application”) is an Internet-enabled SaaS (Software as a Service) platform which assists content creators (“the client”) to engage with stakeholders (“the audience”) from different linguistic backgrounds. The application is used to convert hypermedia content from one language to another, using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted process.

Explainer Video

We are super excited to announce that we have an explainer video finally, all thanks to the wonderful Tarryn Myburgh at TMCreates.

Video Translator: Explainer Video

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