Reviewing Vixer Video Editor On iPhone

Reviewing Vixer Video Editor On iPhone

Hello, fam!

Last month, we made a review about Splice video editor.

The app was, in fact, really good and we rated it a 4 out of 5.

We are still in search of another phone video editor and this time we are going to make a review about Vixer Video Editor!

What Is Vixer Video Editor?

Vixer is a video editor that allows you to:

• Trim, Speed, Crop videos

• Add Text, Filters, Music, Voice Over, Frames

• Adjust video settings

Vixer Pro

Like many other video editors out there, VIxer also has the paid version which allows you to:

  • Merge multiple videos.

• Unlimited access to all music.

• Unlimited access to all filters.

• Unlimited access to all adjusts.

• Unlimited access to all frames.

• Unlimited access to all fonts.

• Export 4K videos.

Vixer pro Pricing

As of 2021, Vixer charges $39.99 Yearly or $9.99 Monthly. The price may also vary depending on your location.

Download Vixer here.

What We Will Be Judging

Since we are going to make a review of the free version of the app, this article will talk about how good Vixer is at the things it claims it can do:

  • Trimming, Speeding, and Cropping videos

• Adding Text, Filters, Music, Voice Over, and Frames

• Adjusting video settings

Let’s go!

Starting A New Project Vixer App

When you open the application, you will be able to create a new project. The process is simple; you just have to pick your video and click next. Then, you will be redirected to the editing platform.

Unfortunately, you can’t add a name to your project.

Also, please note that you can only merge 2 or more videos in the paid version.

I think the Splice app is winning big time in terms of starting a new project.

Trimming, Speeding, And Cropping Videos On Vixer

Trimming Videos

We think that trimming your video is fairly simple with this app. Not only that you can trim your videos but you can also split your video. This way, you can separate your video into different parts and move them around.

While trying out the trimming option, we realised that Vixer does not provide undo button, making it hard for you if you accidentally trimmed your video too short.

Adjusting Video Speed

Adjusting your video speed on Vixer is also easy. You can individually adjust the speed of each video, or choose to apply the new speed to all videos.

Vixer allows you to adjust the speed up to 12 times the original speed.

Cropping Videos

Vixer gives you 7 different cropping dimensions, from square, story, feed, 3:4, 4:3, 16:9, to 5:4.

You can also rotate or flip your video and fill or fit it to the frame.

However, there is no option to individually crop your footage. Once you have cropped the video, it applies to all.

Adding Text, Filters, Music, Voice Over, and Frames

Adding Text To Your Video

We think Vixer is winning when it comes to adding text to your videos.

With Splice, we struggled quite a bit while trying to add text to our video. Vixer enabled us to do some things that Splice didn’t.

With Vixer, we could adjust the font size, text spacing, and paragraph spacing. Not only that, but you can also get 3 free fonts namely Roboto, Amiri, and Handmade.

On top of that, you can also add background to your text.

The only downside to adding text in Vixer is that you can’t zoom in or out of your work timeline, making it harder to adjust the text timing.

We would say that Vixer is a really great app to add text to your videos.

Adding Filters To Your Video

The free version of Vixer allows you to get 6 filters. You can adjust the capacity of the filter and choose whether you want to only apply the filter to one video or apply it to all videos.

Of course, subscribing to Vixer Pro allows you to access more filters.

Adding Music To Your Video

Vixer has a music library with plenty of songs to choose from. Just like any other video editor… it is only for Pro users.

You do, however, have the option to either choose from your own library or from iTunes (which, you have to individually purchase, just so you know).

If you happen to have your own music, you can add it and then edit the volume, trim the length, and also add effects such as fade in and fade out.

Adding Voice Over To Your Video

To add a voice-over, you have to press the microphone icon under the music icon. There will be a countdown on the screen and you can start talking once the audio is being recorded.

There is a downside, though… Once you’ve recorded audio, you cannot add another voice-over. So, if you made a mistake and pressed the stop button too quickly, then you may need to redo your voice-over.

Adding Frames To Your Video

This is a holy grail for you who have the wrong video dimension.

There are times when your video dimension is either too big or too small for the platform that we want to share it with. We all have been there. The good thing is, Vixer can fix that problem.

With Vixer, you can choose video frames from original, square, story, or feed. Therefore, although your video is in the landscape format, you will still be able to publish it to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn stories without having the videos forcefully zoomed in by those apps.

To adjust the video size, instead of pinching it, you have to slide through the line on your screen.

Plus, you can also choose your frame color!

Adjusting Your Video Settings On Vixer

Yes, Vixer can allow you to adjust some video settings, such as:

  • exposure
  • contrast
  • highlights
  • shadows
  • saturation
  • vibrance
  • tint
  • temperature
  • fade
  • sharpen

But, wait… this is when we got disappointed…

They’re only for PRO users…

Saving Your Video After Editing From Vixer

Vixer allows you to save your videos into 4 different qualities: Ultra HD - 4K (pro users only), Full HD - 1080p, HD - 720p, and Large - 540p.

If you don’t want to export it to your library, you can also directly share your video to Instagram Story and Feed, iMessage, and E-mail.

Plus Points Of Using Vixer

  • Seamless trimming and slicing video experience.
  • You can adjust up to 12 times your video speed.
  • Phenomenal tool when it comes to adding text to your videos.
  • The frame feature can help you a lot when trying to upload your videos on different platforms that require different dimensions.
  • You can save your videos into different video qualities.
  • You can directly share your video to different platforms.

Minus Points Of Using Vixer

  • You can’t add a name to your project.
  • You can’t add 2 or more videos in the free version.
  • There is no undo button.
  • If you want to crop your video, it will be applied to all your videos.
  • You can’t expand or minimize the work timeline.
  • Once a voice-over is recorded, you can record another one.
  • Most features are not available for the free version.


Overall, we will give Vixer (free version) a 2 out of 5 stars.

The 2 come from the 2 most helpful tools: adding a text and adding a frame.

It is quite sad to know that you can’t merge 2 or more videos in the free version. So, if you only have 1 video to edit, Vixer is the go-to app.

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We hope you enjoyed our review of Vixer!

See you next time for more video editing app reviews!

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