Mr Sh*thole: What To Do When Your AI Misbehaves

Mr Sh*thole: What To Do When Your AI Misbehaves

Today we look at a humorous articles which look at what happens when AI goes wrong. Here at video translator we like to keep abreast of the latest news in the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Programming, Human Languages and Culture.

Read on to find out how Facebook’s AI got in trouble, and why Oracle thinks replacing your manager with a robot is likely, and a good thing to boot!

Facebook’s AI Got In Trouble This Week

From this article at Gizmodo we get a funny story. The below picture says it all.

Mr Sh*thole: Facebooks AI gets in trouble...
Mr Sh*thole: Facebooks AI gets in trouble...

Is this your nightmare?

How To Avoid AI Disasters?

The following rules of thumb are really useful in terms of avoiding AI disasters.

  • Do not assume AI is a replacement for sound human judgement. The fact of the matter is, irrespective of whether we wish it or not, AI is sold as a replacement for humans with all the lovely lovely cost savings that implies.

  • Do not buy into this myth. While it may be possible that AI will seem like a viable replacement for good, well paid employees, this is absolutely a fools paradise.

  • Here is a simple way to think about it If replacing humans were so easy, very simple jobs would get automated first. What’s the simplest job? Flipping burgers at McDonald’s? There is a very good reason why this is hard and has not been automated. If you think your job is harder than flipping burgers at McDonald’s, chances are AI can’t replace you.

How To Use AI Properly?

When we talk to clients (especially on the managed service offering) this question comes up. Here is the reality, your AI usage has to be calibrated to your own organisations risk profile.

  • We do a lot of work for healthcare providers. The translated video content we provide the concerns is always checked before being released to the public. Why? Because in healthcare content, getting it wrong might kill someone.

  • Use the AI as a productivity win. Do not think of it as a cost saving. This has the added advantage of not pissing your customers off.

Mr Not Sh*thole: Don't go after someone else's crust
Mr Not Sh*thole: Don't go after someone else's crust

But there is good news on the horizon…

Humans May Prefer Robot Overlords

According to this bit of research from Oracle, 64% of People Trust a Robot More Than Their Manager. Bugger.

Is this good or bad? Neither we think. Its simply a reflection of a changing world. To create better working spaces and better in-aggregate living standards, we see a world where AI acts in conjunction with humans.

People are tool makers, and AI is just another tool. Sure it is a tool which has a remarkable ability to be misused, but this makes is no different from our more impressive tools.

Quoting, AI is becoming more prominent with 50 percent of workers currently using some form of AI at work compared to only 32 percent last year. Workers in China (77 percent) and India (78 percent) have adopted AI over 2X more than those in France (32 percent) and Japan (29 percent).

AI should not be thought of as a my-way-or-the-highway binary outcome by people. Understanding what AI can do, and how it can improve your earning power is a better approach.


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