The Importance of Open Captions

The Importance of Open Captions for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People

It comes as no surprise that for hard of hearing and deaf people, closed captions are a necessity for being able to watch TV, films and online videos. We’ve mentioned before the need for more captions and subtitles to be present in cinemas and as highlighted in this Washington Post article, “accessing online material…can be a challenge for differently abled people.”

This is one of the reasons we believe it is so important to include open captions in online videos. In a world that is not built for differently abled people, we’re hoping that we can make a slight difference. So, how can we (and you!) make that difference? By adding captions and using our Auto-Overlay capabilities to your video.

How do you do this? We’re so glad you asked!

First of all, if you’d like to know the technical side of creating and using captions in your videos, read this article first. Now that you’re all up to date, it’s time to add captions to your content.

Upload And Transcribe

  1. Upload your video into our video translator application. If you are unsure how to do that, this article will help.

  2. Next, select Transcribe from the drop down menu as seen in the image below.

    Transcribe your video
    Transcribe your video
  3. Make sure you select the right dialect! This helps the AI to correctly transcribe the audio into text. Just remember that the AI can and will make errors, so be sure to check that the captions are all good when transcription is complete.

    Choose the correct dialect
    Choose the correct dialect
  4. Once you’re happy with your captions, use Auto-Overlay to programmatically add the captions. You’ll see in the below image that we’ve chosen a yellow text with blue highlight, but feel free to choose the colours that work best for you and your audience.

    Use our Auto-Overlay feature
    Use our Auto-Overlay feature
  5. And that’s it! Now you are ready to go, knowing that you’re making someone’s day who otherwise, may not have been able to view your video. Well done!


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