How To Reach Gen Z Using AI

How To Reach Gen Z Using AI

At VideoTranslator we keep an eye on what everyone else is doing.

Well, we try to anyways. And one of the better resources out there is Social Media Today. This article, ‘What Gen Z is Watching Online - and What That Means for Marketers in 2020’ is full of wonderful titbits about how to think about video.

How Gen Z Is Using YouTube

The big takeaway from the article is that Vlogging and Informative Videos are the biggest draws.

Vlogging has become far more professional in the last few years since YouTube launched its YouTube Partnership Program.

Reading a bit more, including from this article we work out that:

Gen Z Learns How to Do Something by Watching Videos

Gen Z is watching experts do something on YouTube to learn how to do it themselves.

According to GenHQ’s national study from 2017, 85% of Gen Z watched at least one online video in the past week to learn a new skill.

Gen Z Discovers New Brands and Products on YouTube

Basically Gen Z discovers new products by watching YouTube influencers. Influencers are often not what we think they are - here at VideoTranslator we are big fans of Justin Rhodes.

Source: Justin Rhodes Permaculture Pigs Kickstarter
Source: Justin Rhodes Permaculture Pigs Kickstarter

Well - probably just me, but hey! Get on them Permaculture Pigs. The image is from his Kickstarter.

The point is, influencers are people who have their own content channel about something they are experts in, in the above case the expert is a family man who decided to change his families way of living to something sustainable.

The takeaway is, Gen Z has far more access to authentic experts across the different fields of human endeavour. Seen this way, the reliance on influencers is probably not a passing fad.

How To Use AI To Reach Gen Z

The simple answer is to optimise search for video. That is, use AI to transcribe your content, and optionally translate your content. Once you have the captions (in *.srt, or *.vtt) you can do many things!

There are a few simple ways of doing this.

Use Open Captions To Make Your Content Accessible

Open captions are a simple way to reach a wider audience while meeting accessibility requirements.

In the VideoTranslator use the Auto Overlay feature to do this quickly and easily.

Use Open Captions To Engage More People

Reach Gen Z With AI: Open Captions for fun and profit!
Reach Gen Z With AI: Open Captions for fun and profit!

This is simple. use open captions to engage people on social media, especially social media channels where video content auto-plays muted.

Remember to change the colours to match your brand!

VTT On Your Website

We have a patch coming out soon which will talk more about this in the future. Here is what you need to know.

VTT files are super similar to *.srt files. But where SRT does not work with HTML 5, VTT is designed to work with the video tag in HTML 5.

This means that your video content can be indexed by search engines. Make sure you do this properly!


What sources of information do you track to learn more about the advances in AI? Let us know what digital marketing stories caught your interest?

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