How To Optimise Your Video SEO

Have you ever typed something on Google and the top result is a video?

That, my friend, is a successful video SEO.

So, what exactly is a video SEO and how can you improve your video SEO?

Let’s find out here!

What Is Video SEO?

Video SEO is a way to optimize your video to be indexed and ranked on the search engine results pages for relevant keyword searches.

As we get more and more digitalized, video content is now a must for marketers.

When used correctly, video can be a very powerful form of content and create a notable contribution to your overall SEO strategy.

How To Optimise Your Video SEO?

1 - Determine Your Goals

Creating video content may look like a great idea.

“Everyone is doing it!”

“I read that videos are more effective than text!”

Sure, video content can be very effective. However, before jumping to conclusion that you are going to start producing videos, you need to determine your goals.

It’s important to remember that your marketing activities need to compliment your overall SEO strategy and generate a return on investment (ROI).

What is it that you want to achieve by producing video content?

Some goals you want to achieve may be:

  1. Increase reach

    Increasing your market share in a particular market size.

  2. Generate social shares

    Creating marketing videos that go viral.

  3. Increase conversion rate

    Creating videos that will attract customers to purchase your products. For example, by making testimonial videos or how to use.

  4. Attract new customers

    Create landing page videos to tell new and potential customers about your products/services.

2 - Create Engaging Thumbnails

A video thumbnail is a still image that acts as the preview image for your video, similar to a book cover.

So, why are engaging thumbnails important?

Let’s give an example. Which video would you prefer to watch based on the thumbnail alone?

A good thumbnail makes you want to watch the video and the one on the left is a good example of it.

Creating a custom thumbnail will create a more professional look and show that you care about your brand.

A good thumbnail will have:

  • Video title that’s easy to read
  • The video’s speaker and or guests
  • The brand’s logo

3 - Spend Time Crafting An Engaging Video Title and Description

Similar to a blog post, video ranks are affected by the title and meta description. Pay attention to the Title and Description of your video.

A good length for a video title is 50 - 65 characters long. Meanwhile, the recommended length for the first paragraph of your video description is 155 characters. Anything more than that, your description will not appear as a snippet in search.

You should also create a video timecode to make it easier for viewers to watch your content. For example:

0:00 - Introduction

1:30 - What is video marketing

4:00 - Why video marketing is important

6:00 - Tips to nail your video marketing

And so on.

You can use this tool to count your title and meta description.

On top of that, do keyword research to assure you’re targeting keywords that people are actually searching for.

One tool that you can use to know the popular search terms is Google Trends.

4 - Add Transcripts/Captions

Adding transcripts is one of the most important factors in optimizing your video SEO.

A search engine’s web crawler cannot understand video content because it only understands texts. The easiest way to improve your video SEO is by adding text to your video content.

So, instead of just showing up when items in your video description, title, and tags are searched, your video can also rank higher when relevant words in your transcripts are mentioned.

Not only that transcripts can improve your video SEO, but it can also increase views because they keep the viewer engaged regardless of their access to audio.

Manually transcribing your videos can be very time-consuming, especially for lengthy videos.

But, don’t worry!

Here at VideoTranslator, you can transcribe, translate and dub your videos into 60 different languages and 120 dialects!

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5 - Translate Your Videos

Translated videos benefit both you and your potential customers because not everyone speaks English.

Let us give an example.

When you search the term Coronavirus in English, there are over 1 billion results.

If you search it in Mandarin, the number drops down to 35 million results and13 million in Arabic.

If you produce video content in English, you have to fight for the top spot will millions of other videos.

But, if you translate your video, it can now rank in the top spot because there is less non-English content.

For potential customers, they can find international businesses despite not knowing how to speak English because the content is now available in a language they understand!

It’s a WIN-WIN for both!


In this article, we have talked about 5 different tips on how you can improve your video SEO.

Are you ready to up your video SEO game?!

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