How To Add Watermark For YouTube Videos

How To Add Watermark For YouTube Videos

In a world where there is a sea of video content available to watch on YouTube, branding is very important. You need to be able to make your video content stand out and recognisable.

One of the crucial parts of branding is adding video watermarks.

In this article, we will be talking about what is video watermark, why is it important, and how to make and add one to your video. Let’s check it out!

What Is Video Watermark?

If you have seen a video with a logo in it, usually in one of the video corners, that is a watermark.

A video watermark can be a logo, text, website URL that you want to add to your videos for copyright or publicity purposes.

The usage of video watermarks is similar to ones used for postage stamps, currency, and other government documents to discourage counterfeiting.

Why Is Video Watermark Important?

1 - Brand Recognition

Adding watermarks to all of your YouTube videos will allow viewers to consistently see your brand. The goal is for your viewers to recognise you by just seeing your brand design, such as video watermark, YouTube channel art, and YouTube thumbnail. Therefore, having a video watermark can deliver an incredible brand experience.

2 - Protect Your Content

Videos get shared all the time and often times the original creator does not get credited for your work. Some may even claim the stolen videos to be theirs. So, to avoid video theft, a watermark is required to protect your content.

How To Create Watermark For YouTube Videos?

If you don’t already have a logo, there are many free graphic design tools on the internet that you can use to create one. One of the sites people often use is Canva.

Here’s how you can create your watermark in Canva:

  1. Go to and sign in to your account.

  2. Select templates and click on logos.

  3. You can either create a blank logo or choose from one of the templates.

  4. If you want to make your logo background transparent, make sure to save it as a PNG and tick the ’transparent background’ box before you save your image. If you don’t want a transparent background, you can save your image as JPG.

How To Add Watermark For YouTube Videos

There are 2 methods when it comes to adding video watermarks. Just like video subtitling, you can either add it from YouTube or have it burned in your video.

1 - Add Your Video Watermark From YouTube

YouTube has a branding option for you to add a video watermark directly to your video. This method works best if you already have videos uploaded on YouTube.

  1. Sign in to your account and go to YouTube studio.

  2. On the left side panel, scroll down to customisation and click on branding.

  3. Upload your video watermark. Make sure that you follow YouTube’s recommendation to ensure the quality of your watermark.

    Currently, YouTube’s recommendation is:

    • 150 x 150 pixels.
    • Use a PNG, GIF (no animations), BMP, or JPEG file.
    • 1MB or less.
  4. Edit the duration of your watermark. You can choose from end of video, custom start time, and entire video.

If one day you want to change your logo, you can simply upload a different logo and all of your watermarks will be updated!

2 - Add Your Video Watermark From Video Editing Software

Although YouTube has a branding option where you can brand your video with your channel, your video can still be stolen. There are many second-party tools out there that people use to download YouTube videos. Unfortunately, when someone does this, your watermark gets removed.

The solution for this problem is by embedding your watermark into your video. By embedding your watermark, you will ensure that your watermark will stay on your video permanently.

One example of video editing software we often use is Adobe Premiere Pro.

Here’s how to add a video watermark from Adobe Premiere Pro:

  1. Open or create your project in Adobe Premiere Pro.

  2. Import your logo to your timeline. Make sure that you set the duration of the watermark from the beginning to the end of your video.

  3. Export your video and voila! Your video will now have a watermark embedded in it. You can now upload your video on YouTube without having to set up the watermark settings on YouTube.

The best part about embedding your watermark into your video is that it does not matter where you share your video (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram), your watermark will be there.

However, because it is permanent, your video will still have your old logo if you one day decide to change it.


In this article, we have talked about what a video watermark is, why is it important, and how to make and add one to your video.

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