How To Conveniently Translate Your Videos

How To Conveniently Translate Your Videos

Many of you would have heard about translation. According to Kristen Malmkjær, translation is an activity that aims to convey meaning or meanings of a given linguistic discourse from one language to another.

What are the difficulties in translation?

As a multilingual speaker, I have frequently asked to translate different languages. My family would ask me to translate files such as reports, articles and legal documents. However, translation also comes with its challenges.

First, there are so many languages out there, and I cannot possibly learn everything. Currently, there are about 7,000 available languages around the world. Meanwhile, I only know four.

Second, it is easier to translate texts than videos. When there is a text available, I can retype the text and instantly translate the text. However, with a video, you need to transcribe the texts manually. It is even more challenging when you are trying to translate a video in a language that you do not speak.

How to easily translate your videos

Video Translator wants to ease the difficulties in translating videos by offering three simple steps.

Video Transcription

Transcription is the processing and transferring speech sounds into timed-text displayed on video. Video Translator uses artificial intelligence software to transcribe your videos automatically. Automatic video transcription can help you save your time by instantly converts your speech into timed text. This way, you don’t have to type the text and adjust the timing manually. Having automatic transcription is also beneficial when you are trying to transcribe speech from a language that you do not speak

Video Translation

Video translation is the process of turning your footage into a video that is suitable for multilingual audiences. As I have said before, translating a video can be challenging, especially with the massive number of available languages out there. Video Translator offers translation in over 60 languages and 150 dialects. It can easily translate texts derived from the video transcription into these languages.

Video Dubbing

When it comes to captions, not everyone is a fan. Some people dislike reading them, while some struggle to read captions. That is why video dubbing comes in handy. Video Translator’s artificial intelligence can convert text to speech. You don’t have to be afraid of mispronouncing the texts because we can dub your video.

Case Study

By having your videos translated, you can now reach a broader range of audience. Let me give you an example. Let’s say that you are the manager of a global company. Your employees come from different countries and speak various languages. Some of your employees only know English as a second language, while some do not speak English at all. Meanwhile, you have a training video that you want to share, but it is spoken in English.

You can easily solve this problem by using Video Translator’s services. You can first transcribe your video. The video transcription helps your employees who know English as a second language to follow along with the speech. After that, you can translate the text into your target languages. This way, you can have one video with multiple translated subtitles. Finally, you can dub your videos. With the text to speech tool, your training video is now spoken in the language that your employees understand.


So, in conclusion, Video Translator eases your video translation difficulties by transcribing, translating and dubbing your videos.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out our service now!