Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

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We had a very good 2018 here at Video Translator. While a challenging year, the majority of the platform was built in 2018. Oddly, doing hard things well is enormously empowering, if a little scary. Important events in 2018 included:

  • Moved into Fishburners, our brilliant co-working space, in the new Sydney Start Up Hub.
  • Brought on two fantastic developers, Vivek Kumar and Pranay Shah. Both these guys have been absolutely critical in getting our platform over the line.
  • The original vision for the platform was to be a Content Management System (CMS) for multi-lingual websites. While the technical side of this is simple, selling the solution was hard, especially to retail (as opposed to enterprise). In July there was a pivot, changing focus from websites -> video, which is (a) substantially simpler than websites, (b) really easy to explain/sell.

Happy New Year

Here in Sydney, we had spectacular (if humid) weather over Christmas and New Year. Some thoughts, in no specific order.

We are looking to put the platform into production as soon as all testing is complete. The platform is currently in closed beta, and as such not yet open. If you would like early access, please feel free to ping us at hello@videotranslator.ai.

Thank you so much for all the support through 2018. Hopefully you are reading this coming out of a good holiday season. We at Video Translator hope you and yours have nothing but wins in 2019!

Tat Banerjee