Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year 2020!

Its the start of a new decade! This is a big deal, the only question is will this be the roaring 20's all over again. Here at VideoTranslator we think it is going to be an exciting year.

Several amazing things happened last year, and this was mostly due to the kindness of strangers. Thank you very much to all the folks who took an interest in our work.

We started to get some traction, we found a niche where our tech was useful, and slowly slowly things started to come together. We think big things are ahead of us in 2020!

Thank You To The RFS And Other Heroes Who Keep Us Safe

Here in Sydney, we had very smoky time over Christmas and New Year. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the people fighting fires across Australia. We think the below image captures the struggle people in Australia have been going through. We ask you keep these everyday heroes in your thoughts and prayers. We originally heard about this incident here.

A firefighter and a koala watch on as fire burns through the Lobethal vineyard in the Adelaide Hills
A firefighter and a koala watch on as fire burns through the Lobethal vineyard in the Adelaide Hills

Happy New Year

Some other thoughts in no specific order.

  • We got a logo! We would like to thank the lovely Tarryn Myburgh and her team at TMCreates for all their support!

    VideoTranslator.Ai now has a logo!
    VideoTranslator.Ai now has a logo!
  • We are super grateful for the support everyone gave us in 2019. From the folks at Fishburners, to the support of our accounting partners Richards Financial Services, to our clients - it was a pretty good year.

  • We are also very thankful to the good people at JobsForNSW, who give us a bunch of money. It was our first true ‘street-cred’ in startup-land.

  • Renee Dubé joined the team and immediately set about doing stuff in Content and UX. The majority of the posts, emails and notifications you get - Renee is the brains behind the magic.

  • It turned out our specific niche is AI dubbing, or synthetic AI speech, so this is what we are going to be doing quite a bit of work in 2020.


Thank you so much again for all the support through 2019. Hopefully you are reading this coming out of a good holiday season. We at Video Translator hope you and yours have nothing but wins in 2020! Curious about our technology, or have questions? Please feel free to reach us at hello@videotranslator.ai.

Thanks so much,

Tat Banerjee