Flag Monkey Goes Swedish!

Flag Monkey Goes Swedish!

A good friend of ours, Flag Monkey, has been experimenting with AI video translation. Lets have a look at his use case, why he is using our product and what he hopes will work based on the content!

Meet Kevin and Jay!

Flag Monkey is a flags and bunting sales business, which relies on social media to create an ecosystem of flag enthusiasts.

So who is Kevin?

Kevin is a puppet, and is the star of the Flag Monkey channel!

Kevin’s dad Jay is the man behind the Flag Monkey business. Here he is with a hard working apprentice!

Kevin Wanted To Speak Swedish

Kevin is clearly interested in flags. And for 21 June, Midsummer Day in Scandinavia, Kevin is having a look at the Scandinavian flags.

Video Translator: Flag Monkey Minute in English

But how to reach all his Swedish fans who only speak Swedish?

Basically Kevin wanted to learn how to speak Swedish. Maybe VideoTranslator could come to his aid!

Kevin Learns Swedish!

And so we figured, how do we teach Kevin Swedish? Well, we used our technology and hey presto!

Video Translator: Flag Monkey Minute in Swedish

In the end, we were all very pleased with Kevin’s Swedish, and we wish both him and Jay all the luck in the future!

Give him a follow here, or reach Kevin and Jay at https://www.flagmonkey.com.au/!