Comparison Between And

Comparison Between And

These days, there are a large number of video editing tools available. The majority of these can add captions, or add subtitles, to your video. However, to do this we first need a transcript of the audio or video content.

Given the number of video transcription services out there, which one should you choose?

Before you take on the monotonous task of transcribing audio to text, read this blog post to see the major differences between two transcription platforms, and and what you can expect when selecting a transcription service.

What’s the difference between and Why choose verses is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application which allows you to use an Artificial Intelligence (AI) to speed up your transcription process.

In layman’s terms, this means we use Speech-To-Text AI’s to do the busy work of transcribing our audio or video content into text for us.

What you can expect from this is a much faster turnaround time (minutes rather than hours) so you can add open captions to your content very quickly. Additionally, we can transcribe many languages, allowing you to use your valuable staff time for higher value tasks.

If you currently use a transcription service, or are evaluating transcription services, you may have heard of is a service that uses a mix of human and machine transcription to provide transcription capabilities.

As such, the turnaround time tends to be a bit longer, and you may be paying considerably more for the service depending on the length of your video.

If you’re looking for a high degree of accuracy, and don’t have the option to post edit the copy in-house, then might be the type of service you need.

The Difference Between Human Transcribers And Machine Transcribers

The difference to all this is that an AI’s tend to be poor writers. Since people speak much differently than they write, AI’s often miss punctuation and grammar nuances that aren’t articulated in spoken language.

So if you use an AI, you will need someone to edit the copy of the audio or video content. This process is known as post-editing.

Despite the time taken in post-editing, it is still much faster than transcribing the video manually, as the AI does the bulk of the work with timing and writing out the words.

What If I Need A Translator?

If you’re not familiar with the language you are transcribing into, then you’ll want to get a human to look at it. has the option for you to add users to your account.

This could be someone fluent in the language you’re transcribing into, a copy editor, or just a second set of eyes to vet the content. If you are subscribed to our service, you can add unlimited users.

If you are using the free-trial, or not yet subscribed, you can add one user per language.

Comparing to
Pricing (Transcription)$10 per language-month and $0.10 per minute after that. Unlimited content.$1 per minute for English. $3-7 per minute for any other language. Unlimited content.
Turnaround TimeReal-Time. Our AI starts working immediately to translate your audio to text.Up to 24 hours for videos under 30 minutes.
AccuracyMedium. We speak differently than we type, so our AI tends to miss punctuation. You’ll need to copy edit the transcriptions, or hire a translator to do so.High. Since Rev hires translators, they take much longer to do the transcription. However, you can expect a much higher degree of accuracy from a human being.
Support Multiple Dialects?Choose from several dialects from each language for your transcriptions. Spelling can vary between dialects within the same language, so this ensures readability for your audience.Not specified.
Support Multiple Languages?Over 60+ languages and 150+ dialects.No. According to, only English is currently supported for video transcription services.
Auto Overlay Feature?Yes. Since most mobile users watch video without audio, adding captions to social content is critical. Auto overlay allows you to customise the text colour, highlight colour, and opacity of your video captions.Not specified.
Who Transcribes the Text?You have ownership and control over the content of the captions.Someone else. This may be ideal if you don’t know the language or need someone to edit copy for you.
Add Additional UsersYesYes

Should I use or

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide. Each platform has its advantages and disadvantages. If you think you can do your own post-editing of the copy, and budget is really important to you, may be preferable.

We encourage you to research and try video transcription services to find the one that works best for you. We welcome you to try our service for free—and let us know how we can improve.


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