Changes In The Internationalization And Localization Industry

60% Of The Content Produced By US YouTubers Is Watched In Other Countries

Google produces all sorts of very interesting research. I mean, all kinds! One of the specific bits of intel which is well worth tracking is Think With Google.

Today we are going to look at a set of remarkable trend lines which point the way in which the world is heading.

We look at a 3 behaviour and cultural shifts inside YouTube.

2 Behavioural And Cultural Shifts

You should really read the article yourself, but the below was what we found super useful.

So the article has 3 big trends, but only 2 are listed below. We don’t really have anything to add to the third point.

Local Content Went Global

Source: Think with Google, YouTube Internal Data, U.S., March 2019–May 2019
Source: Think with Google, YouTube Internal Data, U.S., March 2019–May 2019

Any way you look at this number, it is a remarkable number. When we consider how quickly this has all happened… No seriously, its remarkable.

We are not surprised by this number - after all, our product is a video translator. Digging a bit deeper into the research Google has done, we get this image.

Source: Think with Google, Google Internal Search Data, Global, 2017 vs. 2018.
Source: Think with Google, Google Internal Search Data, Global, 2017 vs. 2018.

This quote is remarkable, ".. the U.S., we found people were often looking to reconnect with their heritage through their clothing. “I’ve become interested in my ancestry over the past four years and have started to include some Scandinavian styles in my wardrobe,” one American respondent told us — an insight relevant for more than just fashion marketers."

We could not agree with this sentiment more. Culture is changing, and to be entirely honest, its a remarkable time to be alive.

Shopping Content Became Entertainment

Ok - so we kind of disagree with this particular sentiment. Its a terribly well researched conclusion but I’m not sure this is exactly what is happening. From the research, we get the below infographic.

Source: Think with Google, Pew Research, 2016.
Source: Think with Google, Pew Research, 2016.

But does it mean what we think it means? Not sure we entirely agree.

Here at Video Translator we think people connect to content other people care about. It is a fundamentally human thing to do.

If you make a video where you clearly care about the topic, other people are likely to also care. In a happy coincidence almost anything, when looked at closely, is fascinating.

This deep rooted human interest in ‘stuff’ other humans find to be of value, we think is the mega trend. Well, its the mega trend also known as civilization.

The point is not to disagree that some merger between shopping an entertainment has happened, its to note that this is part of a bigger, richer, human story and should really be treated as such!


Do you also track the research Google puts out? Even if not in digital marketing, they put our absolutely remarkable stories.

Let us know what digital marketing stories caught your interest?

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