5 Ways To Screen Record Your Laptop and Phones

5 Ways To Screen Record Your Laptop and Phones

Almost all devices these days have a built-in screen recording tool. This built-in tool means that you can omit the usage of a second-party app to record your screen.

Let’s find out in this article about the different ways you can record your screen, whether you are using a PC, laptop, iPhone, or Samsung!

Why Do You Need Screen Recording?

1 - Demonstrate Something

From teaching your colleague about how an app works to showing your parents how to set up their phones, screen recording can be a great way to demonstrate things.

Screen recording minimises the amount of time it takes to write down a long text when you are describing something. Some people also understand better when they can see what they are supposed to do.

2 - Record A Meeting

Ever since the pandemic, many of us are working from home. Screen recording helps keep track of the message spoken in the meeting, especially when there’s a presentation involved.

How To Record Your Screen?

1 - Record Your Screen On Mac

Mac comes with a built-in tool to record your screen.

Here’s how you can record your screen from Mac:

  1. Press cmd + shift + 5.
  2. Select ‘Record Entire Screen’ or ‘Record Selected Portion’ and press capture.
  3. Press stop recording to end the recording.

💡 If you click on the options button, you can choose where your screen recording will be saved.

2 - Record Your Screen On QuickTime Player

All Mac laptops come with a QuickTime Player.

Here’s how to trigger screen recording via QuickTime Player:

  1. Open QuickTime Player.
  2. Go to File > New Screen Recording.
  3. Select ‘Record Entire Screen’ or ‘Record Selected Portion’ and press capture.
  4. Press stop recording to end the recording.

💡 If you click on the options button, you can choose where your screen recording will be saved.

3 - Record Your Screen On Microsoft PowerPoint

This method only works for Windows laptops.

To do this, you have to:

  1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint, go to the Insert tab, and click Screen Recording.
  2. A popup toolbar will appear. Here, you can click Select Area or use the keyboard shortcut Windows + Shift + A.
  3. Select the area you want to record or press Windows + Shift + F to select the entire screen.
  4. Click the Record button or press Windows + Shift + R to start recording.
  5. To end the recording, click Stop or press Windows + Shift + Q.

💡 Right-click on the still shot of the video to save your recording and select Save Media As. You can choose the name and file location, and click Save.

4 - Record Your Screen On iPhone

This screen recording tool on iPhone has been life-changing! It is so easy to use and simple to set up.

  1. Go to settings > Control Centre and drag the ‘Screen Recording’ icon to ‘Included Controls’.
  2. Swipe down from the upper right corner of your screen (or scroll up if you are using an iPhone 8 and below) and tap the recording button.
  3. The recording countdown will show on your screen and the screen recording will begin.
  4. Tap the red recording bar on the top left of your screen to bring up the Stop screen recording? option and end the recording.

💡 Long press the recording button and press the ‘Microphone off’ button to record your screen without audio.

5 - Record Your Screen On Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung offers all Samsung Galaxy phones on Android 10 and OneUI 2 the ability to screen record.

You can do it in few simple steps:

  1. Swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen to bring out the quick settings menu, then scroll over.
  2. Tap on the screen recorder.
  3. Choose a sound setting for your recording: No Sound, Media Sounds, or Media sounds and mic.
  4. When you are done with your recording, tap the square on the top right corner of the screen to stop the recording.

If your Samsung phone does not offer built-in screen recording, don’t be discouraged! You can always download a screen recording app.

We use this Screen Recording App to record our screen!

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Go to Google Play Store and download the screen recording app by Kimcy929. This app has been verified by Play Protect.
  2. Open the screen recording app and tap on the record button. You can mute your audio by pressing the microphone button. Tap again on the record button, press start now and your screen will be recorded.
  3. Scroll down your notification bar and press ‘Stop’ to end the recording.


In this article, we have talked about why you need to record your screen and 5 ways to do record your screen.

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