10 TikTok Content Ideas

10 TikTok Content Ideas

We know that you’ve been guilty of spending hours and hours scrolling through your ForYou page on TikTok.

The microblogging app called Tik Tok is the trend these days. Most of the viral videos online come from this platform.

You know as well as we do that TikTok can bring you a lot of traction. So, you also want to make TikTok videos. However, you don’t know what contents you should post.

Well, we’ve got you covered!

We have gathered 10 TikTok content ideas for you to try. Let’s check them out!


1. DIY

DIY or do it yourself is content where you show people how to do things themselves. Instead of hiring a professional to do it, you can do it yourself with no help from others.

Many people enjoy DIY videos because it provides an opportunity to express their creativity, gives a form of occupational therapy, brings a leisure activity or a way to save money.

Business type perfect for this: handmade crafts such as jewellery, soaps, candles, bath bombs, lipsticks

2. Dance

Dancing videos coupled with trending music are so popular these days. Some of the trending TikTok dance videos are ‘Renegade’, ‘Say So’, ‘Savage’, ‘Number One, ‘Get Up’ and many more.

The thing about dancing is, everyone can do it, including you!

A vet from Arlington, Texas, called Dr Hunter Finn, creates dancing videos on TikTok to give pet tips.

You could also make dancing videos to educate your viewers about your business!

Business types perfect for this: dance studio, dancers, choreographers

3. Meme

People really love meme. Followers who have a good experience with a meme are more likely to share it. The more people who see your meme increases the chances of it going viral.

An example of a brand that is currently investing heavily in memes is Up and Go, a health food company. They are even hiring interns to make memes!

You could follow Up and Go’s strategy in creating memes related to their products on TikTok, which is a great way to engage with your viewers!

Business type perfect for this: all businesses should try this!

4. Duet

Duet videos on TikTok allow you to collaborate with your viewers. By doing a duet on TikTok, you can make clips featured similarly with an original one as a comment or reply, with both videos appearing side by side.

One of the most popular duet videos is by Gordon Ramsay.

Creating duet contents on TikTok means that you will be able to reach more people quickly.

Some duet ideas: duet me, reaction video, comment video.

5. Cooking

Food. Who does not love food?!

Suppose you own a restaurant or a food and beverage business in general. In that case, this is a great way to showcase your business.

By creating cooking contents, you can show your viewers what you don’t usually let people see when they eat a restaurant. You can also give ‘secret menu hacks’ for your customers to tell them a secret recipe for them to order at your restaurant.

Business type perfect for this: restaurants, bars, food trucks, fast food chains.

6. Pet Videos

If you are in the vet or pet grooming business, you should definitely try this out.

You can show your customers how you take care of the cute fluff buns. You can also use this opportunity to educate people on how to take care of their pets.

Some pet videos content ideas are: how to train your pet, how to groom your pet, why you should foster animals, how to groom your pet, pet food ideas.

7. A Day In A Life Of

This idea is perfect for showing your viewers what a day in your life looks like, whether you are a student, stay-at-home parent, business owner, technician, etc.

Many teenagers who are currently looking for ideas on what university major they choose would love these contents. You can also debunk stereotypes about your occupation!

8. Music

If you are a musician, making music content is one of the best ways to popularize your songs. There are many musicians these days that gain a recording contract with music labels through TikTok.

Some of the trending TikTok musicians are Salem Ilese, Olivia Rodrigo, Mia Rodriguez, Conan Gray, Marvin Rose.


9. Small Business

Being a small business owner is not easy. That is why creating TikTok videos can give authenticity to your small business.

Your viewers can know the measures that you take to provide and deliver the best products and services to them.

Many times, small business owners will put extra efforts to give the best services to their customers.

Showing your viewers what you do is a great way to bring traction and attract potential customers.

10. Tutorials

By creating tutorial videos, you are able to teach your viewers how to do certain things. You can make quick tutorial videos ranging from 15 to 60 seconds.

With the help of TikTok, you can create contents that are useful for other fellow TikTokers.

Some tutorial ideas: How to change your car oil, how to get a scholarship, how to answer interview questions.

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