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Which offering makes more sense for your use case? Learn more about our solutions.


Multi-lingual content guidelines, multi-lingual asset management, and options across the translation lifecycle. Learn more here.

Multi-Lingual Content

Manufacturing: Provide your product information, datasheets, question and answer sections and product documentation - on your multi-lingual website.

Services: Content is generally around availability of facilities, opening hours, and emergency contacts - optimized for multi-lingual search.

Tourism: Templated multi-lingual websites, tailored on a per culture basis. Specific Chinese content over the Golden Week holiday, or Arabic content over Ramadan.

Multi-Lingual Assets

Search: All assets can have internationalised, meaning client's search in their own language, and your website is available.

Workflow: Update your website, and your multi-lingual website will auto-update with a time delay, depending on translator availability.

Lifecycle: Assets can be preserved in perpetuity or destroyed as required. Additionally, assets are deployed to a CDN on first use to increase speed.

Translation Options

Machine: Artificial Intelligence for the heavy lifting work; Human Available in Standard and Pro tiers - professional translators; Bring Your Own: Your own translator, a vetted subject matter expert.

Workflow First machine translate, then get human subject matter expert to refine the translation. Unlock value by chaining different language transforms sequentially.

A/B Testing: Try multiple translations, and benchmark - how will you reach a multi-lingual audience?


Where will your clients come from tomorrow? Learn more here.


Optimised for mobile, search and social, reach clients who think in a language other than English. A map for your business, just in different languages. More….


Don’t worry about software security, or updating your software. No exorbitant hosting costs, or slow load times. Get relevant information to your customers, just in a language they understand. More….

Rich Content

Embed rich, contextual content, targeted at a whole new client base. Wherever your clients are from, provide them with value, that they can talk about, and share. More….


Your client speaks a different language, how do you deliver a consistent level of service? Talk to us about positive and negative workflows, and how we deliver all the time, every time. More….


You already have a website for your English speaking customers. How many other cultures would you like to reach? Learn more here.

R Retail

Retail Solutions

$10/language-month + δ*

Real Time AI Transcription and Translation. First, upload your audio or video content. Then use AI to transcribe, and optionally translate. More…

B Bespoke

Managed Services

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We take ownership of your transcription, and translation lifecycle. Additionally, we manage language specific social media channels. More…

E Enterprise

Enterprise Solutions

$449/language-month + δ*

Use AI to build out multi-lingual forms, and deploy to a global team. Eliminate cross cultural confusion, with staff, clients and other stakeholders. More…

*Spread (δ) is calculated on a usage basis. We add a constant spread on top of the cost of the underlying AI.


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